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ECA Translations is a team of friendly professionals with a college degree in translation or linguistics, specializing in life sciences, banking and finance, law, and technical translation. We believe in building personal engagement with each of our limited circle of selected customers, following the banking principle of «Know Your Customer.» Our top priority is to offer our customers high-quality translation services, regardless of the type or size of their project.


We achieve excellent results and ensure exceptional language quality through a professional team of linguists with extensive subject matter experience, continuous quality control, modern software tools to improve uniformity and style, and effective project management using an ERP system. Our team of qualified translators will provide you with high-quality document translation and localization services, making us your reliable partner in the search for a perfect translation service provider.

How do we manage to achieve excellent results and ensure exceptional language quality?

Our translation process combines human expertise, modern software, and effective project management. Our team of qualified linguists with subject matter expertise ensures accuracy and quality, while our grading system motivates them to deliver their best work. Our modern software tools improve uniformity, manage terminology, and perform checks, eliminating the «human factor.» Effective project management and ERP ensure on-time delivery while maintaining quality. Partner with us for high-quality document translation and localization services.

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