Internship This Year

Internship This Year

23 декабря 2021

Every year we invite interns from translation schools all over the country. Before the COVID, the guys would just come to our office and watch us work, help us, do writing assignments, and get grades.
Last year we couldn't do that, and at first, we got upset. But later, we realized that the online format offered new opportunities that we might not use offline.
Over two weeks of practice, our interns were engaged in a series of online lectures and masterclasses. They learned about the global market of language services, watched our translators work using CAT-tools in real-time, studied the work of a project manager, and, perhaps most important of all, learned what a translator must do as an entrepreneur to market themselves globally. And, yes, there were written assignments with detailed editorial commentary and grades.
The students liked the new format, gave us a lot of useful comments. Now we are thinking about converting these (mostly improvised) recordings into a proper course that can be offered to universities. Let's see how it goes, and thank you very much, University, for being with us!
Come next spring!

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