Coronavirus, Quarantine and General Panic

Coronavirus, Quarantine and General Panic

28 мая 2020

The situation around the world has become really tense – #coronavirus, falling markets and currencies, quarantine and general panic.
I can’t read the Internet anymore, because bad news is pouring in. We are trying to think positively and believe that this nightmare will end soon.
We continue to work, home-based, which is not really new to us. We believe that any crisis is a new opportunity. It is time for flexibility, agility, quick recognition of new reality and bold action!
As responsible community members, we are slashing most of our prices, to help the industry survive. In doing so, we don't reduce rates for our linguists. We do hope to attract more projects in this way and keep the business afloat for the clients, linguists and ourselves.
Contact us now for an unprecedented ‘crisis’ discount, effective for the next three months.

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